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Pregnancy Loss/Infertility

No matter where you are in your process, we are here to help. 

Dear Sisters,

I penned these words in hopes it is the beginning of your healing process. Doing your best to make sense of what you may feel is an unfair or never-ending cycle of heartbreak. I’ve been there and am still there…


For most of us, our identity is tied to being a mother, expecting the route to motherhood to be easy. Instead, we were given a difficult journey to bear. I know how hard it can be to enter each day dealing with pain and carrying the hope of finally hearing the laughter of your children. Going through each cycle full of emotions, just to end with feeling defeated.


You are not alone and I understand.


Let’s hold hands while we wipe the tears and embrace the path laid before us.


There is still a promise that is going to be fulfilled.



Yours Truly,



Baby's Grasp
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