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Who We Are 

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 Alexandra Esperance, Executive Director

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Founder and Executive Director of Fruitful Wombs. An organization that provides support and resources to help those that are grieving various losses. Offering free support groups to help encourage and empower those that find it difficult to face life challenges alone. Grief and marriage counseling to help mend broken relationships, hearts, and minds.


She has served her community for over 15 years working in social services connecting with governmental and private agencies to provide and promote resources to low-income families and communities.


After losing her 8th pregnancy, her father, marriage, and herself, she made it her mission to connect with those that can understand, help, and provide support. She is committed to seeing each individual become the best version of themselves in order to bring growth and stability to their family and community.


She is passionate about mental health and believes in doing the work in order to better maneuver the new journey that life brings after a loss.  Her dedication has always been and continues to be serving others so that they may know it is not necessary to do the walk alone. There's always someone willing to listen and help.


 Tarsha Donaldson, Operations Director



Tarsha Donaldson is Fruitful Womb’s Director of Operations. She has been working corporately as an Associate Director of Program and Project Management for 25 years. Known for her determination, meticulous attention to detail, analytical prowess, unwavering work ethic, and insightful problem-solving, she has successfully led a prolific Sales Service and Specialty operation support team for the past three years.


Her expertise extends beyond the corporate world; she is also devoted to serving people through spiritual guidance as a Minister. Her deep faith in God has guided her life which she passionately shares with others.


Her spiritual journey has been marked by a profound gift for intercession and teaching, which she passionately shares with others. She cherishes her journey and is dedicated to combining it with her professional excellence.


Tarsha is a resident of both Baton Rouge, LA, and Le Mans, France, and she is the loving wife of Apostle Jean Maurice Njembelle.



We are looking for  licensed counselors and individual to lead our support groups and counseling sessions.  If  you have a passion for the well being of others, integrity and willing to serve selflessly, we would love to have you. 

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